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Some recipes as the seasons go by

A keen writer, Georges Blanc devotes a large part of his leisure time to passing on his knowledge through cooking books. He is the author of about a dozen books:

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Download Recipe: Scrambled Eggs with Truffle Puree

Download Recipe: Bresse Fattened Hen in a Morel Cream with Yellow Wine sauce

Download Recipe: Stewed Ceps (Porcinis) with Sweet Garlic, Foie-gras and Port Wine

Download Recipe: Bresse Chicken Fricassee with Cloves of Garlic in a Foie-gras sauce

Download Recipe: Paper-thin Pink Praline under a medley of Red Fruits with Aniseed-flavored Raspberry sorbet

"Les cartes gourmandes" (Tasty Postcards)

12 Postcards in a box
A special gift box comprising 12 tasty cards around different themes: 

- Recipes from Mother Blanc
- Vonnas Desserts
- Tasty Postcards

"Ma cuisine des saisons" (Cooking my way through the seasons)

Robert Laffont Edition – 1984 337 pages
"Ma cuisine des saisons" provides you with a whole bunch of tasty recipes, to be made as the seasons go by. 

"La nature dans l'assiette" (Nature in a plate)

Robert Laffont Edition – 1987 320 pages
Georges Blanc went all over the countryside to look for the best ingredients. In this generous book that goes by the seasons, he produces 150 recipes that are both original and full of tradition. Most of them involve fresh garden fruits and vegetables, to create marvellous hors d’œuvre, light or classic starter as well as simple, unsophisticated desserts.

" The French Vineyard Table"

éditions Clarkson N. Potter, New-York - 1997 255 pages
A master Chef Cooks with the Great Wines of France With great imagination, perfect mastery of their art, and impassioned love of the cuisine and wines of France, Georges Blanc, one of the greatest French chefs, and internationally renowned photographer Christopher Baker invite you on a marvellous tour of gastronomic paradise. More than 170 original recipes and breathtaking photographs celebrate the cuisine of France's wine-producing regions. 

"De la vigne a l'assiette"

Voyage au coeur de la France des Saveurs aux éditions Hachette - 1995 255 pages
A tasty journey inside flavors from France
Thanks to their imagination, the perfect masteries of their art, their love for the French gastronomy and wines, one of the biggest Chef, Georges Blanc, and an international photograph, Christopher Baker, invited you to a wonderful trip in the heart of our most delicious region.

"Cuisine en famille" (Family Cooking) Great Chef’s recipes, secrets and advices

Albin Michel Edition – 1999 240 pages
As for Georges Blanc, Chef of Vonnas prestigious restaurant, cooking is a family business, a legacy received from his grand-mother. Georges offers here a simple yet subtle and inventive cuisine, enhanced with the “little tips” of a Master Chef 

Simple french cooking

Hachette Edition – 2000 190 pages
From Lyon to Vonnas, from Mont Saint-Michel to Paris, all of the Blanc, Brazier, Bourgeois, Poulard, Barale, Adrienne, Crouzier, Castaing, Allard and Léa Mothers had an inborn talent for cooking. Their knowledge came from their mothers, who themselves received it from their grand-mothers… The feminine, harmonious cuisine they produced so generously raised them to the rank of queens, the queens of hearts who left behind a legacy, an age-old knowledge that inspired most of today’s great Chefs.

"Plat du jour"

Hachette Edition – 2003 176 pages
This book presents 120 easy, convivial and traditional cuisine with Georges Blanc’s inventiveness and unique know-how. Chef gives all his tips and tricks to have a perfect meal with its wine pairing.

"Fêtes des saveurs" (A Celebration of Flavours)

Hachette - 2004
A tribute to the noble products and imagination that make French Cuisine one of the greatest in the world. Through a dozen books published over the last 20 years, I got onto various cooking themes, always trying to materialize the transmission of my experience and knowhow. In this particular book, I meant to introduce you to a festive cooking based on my favorite products, an illustration of the repertory you can discover in our restaurant in Vonnas

« Le plus simple du meilleur » (The Simplest out of the Best)

Minerva – 2010
Food lovers, the kind of people who know what good food is and like to select quality ingredients, will not hesitate to break into their piggy bank to get good products… and then what?
This is the perfect book to assist those gourmets/food lovers who wonder how to be up to the exceptional product they’ve just bought, how to keep to its typicality and let it express all of its taste, even though they do not have the technical ability of a master chef. 
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