Many things have changed here since 1872, when Georges Blanc’s great-grandparents decided to settle in Vonnas as soft drink sellers and café owners.

As soon as he joined the family business as an enthusiast cook, Georges spared no efforts to transform this place…

A strong supporter of environmental protection, Georges quickly understood how important it was to secure a healthy and beautiful environment. The special touch he gave to the buildings creates a kind of magic atmosphere where the nearby water, flowers and neat gardens combine with an enchanting lighting as soon as night falls.

On over 12 acres around the original restaurant, about thirty houses have been transformed or renovated to make the “Gourmet Village” dream come true.

An allusion to the past: on each building, a museography based on illustrations narrates the story of these old houses and trades, now defunct, that used to be at the heart of this place.

Restaurant Georges Blanc ***

Georges Blanc was born in Bourg-en-Bresse on 2 January 1943 ; he belongs to the fourth generation of the Blanc family, a family of innkeepers whose activities in Vonnas go back to 1872.

                        Georges Blanc Restaurant

Restaurant L'Ancienne Auberge

The cooking proposed at L’Ancienne Auberge (The Old Inn) is the true reflection of those authentic family meals prepared and served in the finest regional tradition by 3 generations of “Mother Cooks” before Georges BLANC. 

                        Ancienne Auberge Restaurant

Hôtel Relais & Châteaux Parc & Spa Georges Blanc *****

It is in 1970 that Georges BLANC undertook to transform the modest family inn into a place that is now ranked as a 5-star hotel. It has been a member of the world-famous Relais & Chateaux network since 1972. 

                        Georges Blanc***** Park & Spa Relais & Châteaux

Hôtel Les Saules

Across the Market Square, upstairs from the Gourmet Shop, you will find Hôtel Les Saules, a member of "Le Collectionneurs" network. 

                        Les Saules

Hôtel du Bois Blanc **** Domaine d'Epeysolles 

4-star Hôtel du Bois Blanc, 2 minutes from Vonnas in the exceptional site of Epeyssoles.

                        Hotel du Bois Blanc

The Terrasse des Etangs

Located within the Épeyssoles Domaine, the Terrasse des Etangs Restaurant is situated under a beautiful glass roof adjoining the castle. Between the two ponds, it offers stunning views across the expansive grounds filled with hundred year old trees.

                        La Terrasse des Etangs