Cooking Course and Wine Tasting

Put on your chef’s hat and learn more about wine tasting by trying one of our introductory courses.

You can develop a few tips and tricks to make them at home, with family or friends.

Private lesson

                        Cooking course

Cinéspace Laurent Gerra

With its hi-tech equipment, this place combines the latest of cinema technologies with the most modern conveniences to let you enjoy 3D movies with 7.1 Dolby surround.

You may choose among a wide range of movies, from great classics to the latest blockbusters.
You may also opt for a TV broadcast, to be watched in private or with your family. 

This projection room can also be used for conferences, board meetings or other types of presentations… it can accommodate up to 30 people, in the same way as our “Côté Rivière” workshop area.

                        Laurent Gerra Cinema

Côté Sud

From the moment you arrive, you can make use of this space and the activities. It is also possible to extend your trip by a few hours on your day of departure.

At the centre of the large park, this site is nestled in an exceptional green oasis. Enjoy the nearby semi-natural pool and the pond.

At lunchtime, we offer a short but appealing menu where you can discover a range of fresh and seasonal produce.


From the very first sunny days, 12:00 – 19:00


By phone: +33 4 74 50 90 90
By email:

                        South Coast

Grounds, gardens, and swimming pool

The Dovecote Park offers superb viewpoints on almost 5 acres. Don’t miss this place, especially at night with its magical lighting effects.
The beautiful animal bronzes signed by sculptor Christian Maas add to the decor of this enchanting area made of plants, water and light. 

Nestled in the Dovecote Park, Le Jardin de Lara (Lara’s Garden) is a playground for children aged 5 and above. It includes a slide, a cabin, a merry-go-round and many other games…

                        The Park

Electric bicycle

Ideal for discovering the surrounding area and the Bresse countryside without overextending yourself...

Rent by the day or half day. Several tours and country trips will be suggested by our team.


Private swimming lessons

Personalised coaching and swimming lessons tailored.

Experience movement in a new way with Barbara Hélia, creator of a method that gives you fins!

Treat your kids to the "Barbara" swim school, they can start to learn to swim during your stay.

Entrust your children to the creator of a fast-track customised swimming method.

On appointment, call +33 (0)6 60 25 19 67

                        Swimming course

Flight in a hot air balloon

Flying in a hot air balloon is like being invited for a brief time to a poetic and magical adventure.

Weather permitting, you can discover La Bresse and its surrounding area from a different angle.

A three-hour flight awaits you for this unique experience. After landing, you will be brought back to the flight base in a 4x4.

On appointment. Alexis Bejat: 06 80 48 93 61 -

                        Hot air balloon