Bird Park

At Villars-les-Dombes, the Bird Park reveals one of the most beautiful and extensive collection of birds in all of Europe. This is truly a world tour "as the crow flies" covering multiple stopovers to discover over 3,000 birds originating from every continent.

30 mn by car - Official Site

Bird Park
At Villars-les-Dombes

                        Bird park

La Bresse and Planons Museum

Right in the centre of La Bresse, the Museum presents the art of living of this highly gourmet territory. You will be able to discover the customs and usages particular to La Bresse of this strong gourmet territory as well as local gastronomy and its culinary signature dish - Bresse chicken. 

The Museum also includes a visit to the Planons farm, an 18th century building , carefully restored and listed as a Historical Monument.

At 15 min - Official Site

                        Bresse Museum

Duboeuf Hamlet

The Duboeuf Hamlet is a unique oenopark in France that promises you an unusual and amazing tour of vineyard culture: Exhibitions of artwork and collections, an automaton theatre, 3D films, and dynamic cinema screen will allow you to discover 2000 years of vine and wine history. Wine tasting awaits you at the end in a Parisian cabaret style room.

At 30 min - Official Site

                        Hameau du Boeuf

Brou Monastery

Let yourself be told the monastery's history, masterpiece of Gothic architecture built in the 16th century commissioned by Marguerite of Austria, heiress of two great European dynasties, the Hapsburg's and the House of Burgundy. Widowed at 24 years old upon the death of Philibert le Beau, Duke of Savoy, she decided to perpetuate his memory by building this exceptional monument. She called on the best European masters and artists to build a sumptuously ornate church-mausoleum. Three monumental cloisters and perfectly preserved monastic buildings now make up the museum with their remarkable collections. Step back in time to discover this unique testimony of majesty and love.

At 35 min - Official Site

                        Brou Monastery