The "Maison Blanc" opened in June 2016

"The ""Maison Blanc"" opened in June 2016 This new 1500 m² space is open every day offering you 3 different realms dedicated to the art of living...

  • The bakery, on-site or take-away, offers a wide selection of bread, Danishes, and pastries made on site.
  • Gourmet Zone on the ground floor of the Maison Blanc, the new Gourmet Shop welcomes you to an area offering an extensive choice of quality products.
  • Tableware Art Deco Zone, Decorations, Household linen...

The Gift Boutique, located on the first floor, is the ideal place to find decorations for your interiors and to equip your kitchen."

                        Gourmet Boutique

The world of wine

A highly eclectic selection of fine wines, liquors, and other beverages.

This is the showcase for the wine cellar attached to the gourmet restaurant, recognised as one of the finest and extensive cellars in the world with not less than 140,000 bottles.

You can also discover ""the Dining Cellar"" a friendly gourmet eatery, served all day.

Our wine experts will be happy to advise you.

                        Cellar supplied from the shop

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