Opening hours and reservation

Open every day from June to September and closed on Sunday evenings and Monday lunchtimes and evenings from October to May
Open from 12:15 to 14:00 and from 19:15 to 21:00.
Closed for annual holidays in January


By phone: +33 4 74 50 90 50
By email:


In the same setting as the one created at the beginning of last century, the cooking proposed at L’Ancienne Auberge (The Old Inn) is the true reflection of those authentic family meals prepared and served in the finest regional tradition by 3 generations of “Mother Cooks” before Georges BLANC. Checkered napkins, fine floor tiles, and a whole artwork that has been preserved over the years.

Here, all meals are authentic: Traditional Bresse Poultry with cream sauce à la Mère BLANC, fresh sautéed Frog Legs the Dombes way, Pike Quenelles or golden liver cakes…
Enjoy the beautiful veranda nestled along a bloomy garden just next to the pond. A unique and bucolic setting that becomes enchanting at night thanks to exceptional lighting effects.
The Dovecote Walk towards the great park is a must after lunch or dinner.

                        Ancienne Auberge Table